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Need of

A different approach to coaching!

Every single student preparing for JEE and NEET entrance examinations has the dream to become an Engineer or a Doctor. Let’s look at dreams of how many students come true and what happens to the rest.

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What is Personal Guru?

With the latest advancements in technology and education rapidly moving towards digitization, students are getting closer to electronic devices and the human touch is vanishing. However, every student is unique, the requirements are unique and the role of a teacher can never be replaced. Hence the students need personalisation and a mentor to guide them. Personal Guru as the name suggests, is essentially a platform to provide a Personal Mentor and required technology based infrastructure to ensure the required personal care and guidance throughout their journey to success.

Personal Guru at a glance
With rich experience in the field of education for over 5 years since 2015, and with the latest advancements in technology, we have been able to create a hybrid system that will produce 100% results. Our journey so far has been an exciting journey and here are a few glimpses of our journey.

Personal Guru has 6 core members, 10+ full-time employees, 100+ ambassadors and 200+ teachers in its team pushing the boundaries of success.
Ex-HOD of Potential has joined Personal Guru team to make the Fully Residential Program an absolute success.

3500+ students registered with Personal Guru within the first 2 months of lockdown who are being trained for success.

Personal Guru has been recognized by Govt. of India.
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Fully Residential Coaching

for JEE and NEET

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for Medical, Engineering etc. admission in India and Abroad

Need of a different approach to coaching!

Every single student preparing for JEE and NEET entrance examinations has the dream to become an Engineer or a Doctor.

Let’s look at dreams of how many students come true and what happens to the rest.

JEE: Total of 9,34,000 (Nine lakh thirty-four thousands) students have applied for JEE exam and there are only 39,133 seats in govt. colleges including IITs, NITs, IIITs and other government funded institutions. Therefore, the success rate is 4.19%. On an average, out of 100 students appearing for the exam, only 4-5 students will get a seat.

NEET: Total of 16,84,000 (Sixteen lakh eighty-four thousand only) students have applied for NEET exam and there are only 41,388 seats in govt. medical colleges. Therefore, the success rate is 2.46%. On average, out of 100 students appearing for the exam, only 2-3 students will get a seat.

Both the exams taken together, the success rate is 3.08%. Hence, the exams are very competitive and the conventional coaching institutions have not been able to make significant impact. That’s why a new approach to coaching is required, where 100% students can get success.

Because of the lockdown, the education sector is taking a different turn. Technology will play an important role. The mainstream states like Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka etc. will take the advantage and will create more successful students while the states Like Assam, Meghalaya, Agartala etc. will be left behind with reducing success rate among students. Therefore, students and parents in these states will need to be very careful, if not worried. Moreover, a large number of students from North-Eastern states used to go to KOTA for entrance exam preparations. That’ll now not be safe and will be restricted by the government to great extent.

Keeping all the factors into consideration, we have come up with such a system in Guwahati, Assam, where every single student who will be a part of the system will be successful. It is such an approach, such a system where we give 100% seat guarantee and otherwise we refund 100% coaching fees.

Our Faculties

Teachers are the most important part of any educational institution. Therefore, although we have an unparalleled system for 100% success, we have ensured to take best in class teachers who will ensure that 100% success is achieved. Here are the teachers for the fully residential program

To have a dream and an aim is very important. Equal is the importance of fulfilling the dreams. When someone is deprived and their dreams are not fulfilled, life becomes dull and uninteresting. And to make dreams come true, we have brought to you the fully residential program where we ensure selection of 100% of the students and fulfil their dreams.

With the vision of making education reachable even to the remotest corners of the nation, we have been working diligently in Personal Guru and Crystal Group of Institutions. Along with many other activities that we have undertaken, we have felt the need of a system where students can be sure of their success and we have created that system: The Fully Residential Program, where students can be 100% sure of their success.

We whole heartedly welcome students with big dreams to take our entrance test and we’ll select 25 students each for JEE and NEET to make their dreams come true. Hope to see you soon.

Mr. Mukhlesur Rahman, CEO

The Brand Name “Personal Guru” belongs to Tecuto Education Solutions Private Limited” (www.tecuto.com)

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