Fully residential program

Want Sure Seat For NEET or JEE?

What is fully residential program all about!

You may have heard about Super-30. Set up by Anand Kumar, it is an organization, where 30 selected students based on their aptitude and attitude are selected and kept together in an isolated campus and are given extensive coaching for a period of 10-12 months and produce 100% result every single year; simply outstanding. All the teachers also stay in the same campus as that of the students and guide them 24X7. The environment becomes so vibrant that there is no question of failure for any student.

Our Founder and CEO Mr. Mukhlesur Rahman got selected into Super-30 and has undergone coaching in the first batch of Super-30 Guwahati Branch. He then took a pledge to contribute in the field of education and during his final semester in NIT Silchar, he started a coaching institute. Being a student of Super-30, he has thoroughly experienced the environment himself and has identified the loopholes and found out ways to create an environment even better than Super-30.

Now, after 5 years of rich experience in the field of education, we have started our fully residential program which is a much improved version of Super-30 to ensure 100% result to every single student who enroll for the program. If any student doesn’t get seat by any chance, we refund 100% coaching fees.

Technology has started paying a big role in education now. Hence the fully residential program has been designed as an amalgamation of Technology and Teaching. The Technology is taken care by Personal Guru (Govt. of India recognized Ed-Tech Startup) and teaching is taken care by Crystal Group of Institutions and thereby creating a hybrid system, all under one roof.

Fees Structure

1 Lakh Rupees Limited Time Scholarship is being given on the coaching fees.

Quality of the service and the price of the service are very closely interlinked. Prices of better quality service will normally be higher. However, for our Fully Residential Program, we have kept the fees very much comparable to normal coaching although the quality difference is very high. Our services are of very high quality

Note 1: In case of pre-payment, the admission and coaching fees (1.8 lakhs) will have to be paid in advance (one-time) or in upto 3 easy instalments within 3 months of start of course. The fooding and lodging fees will have to be paid monthly.

Note 2: In case of post-payment, only the admission fees has to be paid in advance. The fooding and lodging fees has to be paid monthly. The balance coaching fees will have to be paid only after the student gets a seat.

What additional things do you get at almost the same cost?

100% seat guarantee

Once we select a student, we’ll make sure that the student gets a seat. 100% guaranteed.

High teacher student ratio (10:25)

10 teachers will take complete responsibility for 25 students to make sure that each of them gets personal care and makes 100% result.

The environment and the system

The teachers stay in the same campus as that of the students, helping them 24X7. This increases the cost, but the environment that is students get is priceless.

Fooding and lodging quality

Hygienic accommodation and high nutritious foods and required to create a congenial and healthy living environment which will support the amount of effort the students will need to put in during the preparation phase. We’ll provide fruits, milk, Horlicks, Chawanprash etc. to ensure that students are fit and they can concentrate solely on their studies.

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